Katie Garrett, Founder & Owner

Pensacola native.

House of Slytherin by sorting hat, Death Eater by choice.

Firm believer that dogs are better than people.

Never had I ever worked in the bar/service industry before opening OHWB. 

Masters degree in Historic Preservation {GO ARGOS}.

Concerts & musical festivals are my happy place. 

I drink more wine than you'd think. 


Kelly Blackwell, Bar Manager


House of Slytherin.

First love is whiskey followed by tacos and Sam Hunt.

Secretary of Pensacola’s Chapter of the United States Bartender’s Guild. 

OG to OHWB - 5 years this year. 

The smell of a rickhouse is the best smell on the planet.

Obsessed with corn...thus whiskey and tacos.

20 years in food and beverage, 17 behind the bar. 

AJ Galecki, Bartender


Dog lover, but my Patronus is a Calico Cat.

Black Panther was my favorite superhero long before the movie.

I can rap every word to "Rap God" by Eminem.

Bartending for 3 years, 2 of them at Old Hickory.

Favorite whisky: Suntory Hakushu 12 year

I also make videos and take photos.

Pensacola local since 2009.

Courtney Cantrell, Bartender

Spring Menu 2018-155.jpg

House of Ravenclaw with Slytherin tendencies.

They say you are what you eat...I am walking french fry.

Aspiring to treat people with medicine, rather than libations.

Islay Scotch Advocate.

Fresh on the Pensacola bartending scene via New Orleans, but have been in the game since 2013. 

Come take a shot of warm gin with me.

Holly Whittemore, Bartender


Gryffindor House

Avocados 3 meals a day.

First to go home on a night out.

If I’m not behind the bar, You can find me paddle boarding or reading.

OHWB for 2.5 years, bartending for 9 months. 

Unhealthily obsessed with Brooklyn 99.

Rose Nylund is my hero.

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